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By Staff Writer The best things in life usually start with a plan; a home theater should be no exception. Planning a home theater can either bring you hours of enjoyment, or make you pull your hair out and start again. You should plan every aspect of your theater room, including furnishings and decorations. Decorations will help transform the ambiance of the room, to induce a more visually appealing cinema feeling. Decorations help create an atmosphere that improves your home theater experience. The decorations should establish the overall design concept that you plan for your theater. With this in mind, you may decorate your home theater room with a few movie posters and memorabilia from recent and classic films. Using movie posters is an easy and effective way of bringing Hollywood magic to your home theater. The following are further steps in planning a home theater room:

How To: Attach a ButtKicker Gamer to a Playseat Evolution

Hello all About 3 months ago i have started experimenting with tactile feedback in sim racing games. During those months, i have searched the internet for some information regarding the Buttkicker Mini LFE tuning and mounting but i could not find any help. I have realised that most people with Buttkickers are in the iRacing forums and i dont feel like renewing my subscription just for viewing the forums. So i have decided to make a thread about buttkickers in order to share, with my bad english, my experience in installing and tuning them and also my early knowledge that i have acquired during these days.

The ButtKicker Gamer allows you to feel the big bass of your favorite video games without disturbing the neighbors. Attaching the Gamer is a breeze with the included Easy Clamp. View s:

Role[ edit ] This small venue’s stage shows an example of a typical monitor speaker set-up: The drummer has both a subwoofer cabinet for monitoring the bass drum and the electric bass and a “wedge”-style cabinet for monitoring vocals and mid- or high-frequency sounds. Without a foldback system, the sound that on-stage performers would hear from front of house would be the reverberated reflections bouncing from the rear wall of the venue.

The naturally reflected sound is delayed and distorted, which could, for example, cause the singer to sing out of time with the band. A separate mixed signal is often routed to the foldback speakers, because the performers may also need to hear a mix without electronic effects such as echo and reverb this is called a “dry mix” to stay in time and in tune with each other. In situations with poor or absent foldback mixes, vocalists may end up singing off-tune or out of time with the band.

For live sound reproduction during popular music concerts in mid- to large-size venues, there are typically two complete loudspeaker systems and PA systems also called sound reinforcement systems: Each system consists of a mixing board, sound processing equipment, power amplifiers, and speakers. The two systems usually share microphones and direct inputs using a splitter microphone snake. This distinction is important in some regions or markets, while in other regions or markets the terms are interchangeable.

A coffeehouse or small bar where singers perform while accompanying themselves on acoustic guitar may have a relatively small, low-powered PA system for the “mains”, such as a pair of two watt powered speakers. A large club may use several power amplifiers to provide to watts of power to the “main” speakers. An outdoor rock concert may use large racks of a number of power amplifiers to provide 10, or more watts. The “monitor” system reproduces the sounds of the performance and directs them towards the on-stage performers typically using wedge-shaped monitor speaker cabinets , to help them hear the instruments and vocals.


Do you need crossover control? Crossover control puts you in charge, and allows you to send only low sounds to your bass shakers. Find out if you need crossover control. Compare power, performance and price with my bass shaker comparison chart. How to install bass shakers Hints and tips on how to get the most out of your bass shakers Jump to the Step-by-step guides.

The latest ButtKicker® Advance is a powerful and accurate low frequency audio transducer that is built with patented technology and is powerful enough to shake an entire couch.

Although it looked really good, when I came upon the Fanatec wheel www. It’s about 1″ bigger in radius than the G27 and a thicker wheel. The leather is nice and soft, well stitched and gives really good grip. The amount of buttons that are “hidden” on the wheel is amazing. Each of the spokes of the wheel are divided into rocker buttons. There are 8 buttons just on the main two spokes by your hands.

Then there is a directional pad and another rocker button at the base spoke of the wheel. Plenty and very easy to reach and know which button you are pressing. The force feeback system is also what attracted me. It uses a belt-driven system instead of gears like the G25 and the improved gear system of the G

Monsters Cheap Buttkicker Alternative

The Punch subwoofer comes with an integrated watt amplifier. This all-inclusiveness means that getting the subwoofer ready for use is an easy process. All you need to do is connect the signal, ground, and power wires from the source and it’s ready. Introduce some depth to your car audio experience by attaching this simple yet mighty device.

Feb 07,  · Hey guys I need help setting up my two buttkicker gamer 2’s to my pc. I will be running simvibe as well. I have the butt kickers mounted and the amps all setup I just can’t get the buttkickers to work for the life of me.

Then, you just wire speaker cable from the amp to each of the ButtKicker transducers, pretty much like you are hooking up speakers. The amps can drive 4 transducers each, which you would need to wire in parallel the amp only has one output. If you buy ButtKicker’s “quick connect package”, it includes all the wiring you need as well as a “Quick Select Box” which properly splits the amp output to 4 different outputs and allows you to select which outputs are active.

They also have a package that includes the “quick connect package”, amp, and a wireless link kit. Once you install the transducers to your seating, you will want to isolate your seating on rubber isolators which most ButtKicker retailers carry. It shouldn’t be enough to shake the floor in any case. If you have two sofas, you are going to need at least two transducers, if not four, with one or two installed in each of the seating.

How many transducers are included in the kit? Just a tip– you may want to consider buying the ButtKicker gear from a site that can give you more guidance than Amazon does. His website is www.

ButtKicker – Installation pictures and my experience

More customer reviews I have been in the market to get streaming content on my TV for a while now. The LG has some added features. Built in Wifi 2. Otherwise the Panasonic works awesome. It’s fast and responsive, easy to setup, small and sleek, and it’s cheaper than the comparable LG unit.

Nov 19,  · I have 8 Aura Buttkicker to hook up to a pyleaudio PT watt amp. I am wondering if I am hooking these up correctly. There are 2 channels, 2 pos/2neg per channel which is only good enough for 4 auras if I have both channels activated at the sametime.

While holding, turn dock ON d. Front LED will blink 2-digit software version number e. What type of USB charging does Kicker products support? What battery to I need for my IR remote? How do I get support if I have a problem? If you are having a problem with any of your Kicker products you can contact us at either and ask for Technical Support or email us at support kicker. Our business hours are Monday — Friday, 8: How can I tell what model I have?

On the underneath side of the dock is a label that will have the model name of your dock. To pair to an Amphitheater K3:

Tomlinson Holman (Mr. THX) has invented 10.2 channel surround…I think

Windows Vista and Windows 7 can only output audio to one device at a time unless you have special drivers for your hardware!! I have both the xbox and PS3 set to multi audio out, they will send audio out via both the Analogue outputs and the Digital connectors. I use the analogue connectors to drive the buttkicker via a switch, and the digital optical output to drive the speakers and headset via a splitter VIDEO: From the splitter sound is fed to the Logitech speakers and my headset.

Sep 28,  · The best way to set up the individual AVR Zone 2 and Buttkicker amp volume levels is to start with Zone 2 in the middle setting and then adjust the Buttkicker volume to .

Posted 05 May – I’ve posted the rest of this elsewhere in other threads, but I’ll add it here for those looking for another way to add immersion to ROF. I have been using the Buttkicker Gamer 2 , which I first read about in Bass Noises , and find to be very immersive. I know, “Buttkicker” is a rather stupid name, but it’s a better name than actually describing what this thing does – translate bass tones into vibrations sent into your chair so that you feel the noise as much as hear it.

I only used headphones because my wife didn’t want to hear what sounded to her like constant static the rushing wind noise in ROF does sound like static if you are watching tv or reading in another room. With the Buttkicker I am able to keep the game noise low enough that she doesn’t hear it, but it sure seems plenty loud to me as I sit in my chair. I have rather poor hearing anyway, so was concerned wearing headphones was further damaging it.

The Buttkicker is helping me keep what little hearing I have left. Oh – and while I don’t yet have CloD, just watching Youtube videos of CloD is really impressive when the Buttkicker translates engine noise into the chair. It probably makes for more satisfying engine sounds when you feel their rumble. MacBook Pro Core2Duo 2.

The website you were trying to reach is temporarily unavailable.

It has 2 satellite speakers, 1 powered subwoofer, and digital audio interface. These speakers are n So I wanted to only use this when watching movies.

ButtKicker transducers accurately reproduce the “feeling” range of many natural and man-made sounds, such as earthquakes, thunderstorms, rocket launches, waves, explosions, tornadoes, volcanoes, dinosaurs, sound effects and all styles of music.

Yeah, I just had to get a second subwoofer. A good decision, allowing both subs to run a bit easier? All the speakers in my main AV room setup are Polks, so I wanted to stay with that brand. This is apparently the only wireless sub they offer, and since I wanted to place the second sub in the back of my listening room and NOT run a foot sub cable, I decided to go with the Very happy with it. The is a clean-sounding little sub, but movie lovers especially know that films can be very, very taxing.

As an auxiliary sub, though, it really has made a difference. I was able to crank the down a notch. Also, despite the fact that bass sound is more “directionless” — meaning it’s much harder for the average person to detect the sound’s origin — I do believe having one sub up front and one behind my prime listening spot has resulted in a more balanced, blended sound. The one drawback with the , and the reason I could not award it four stars: The wireless signal IS subject to interference.

Thankfully, there’s only ONE source in my house that produces such interference, and that’s when my wife wants to stream movies on her laptop.

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More customer reviews I just set up my YSP last week. For the record it is wall mounted in an almost square room 22X25 ft. I chose this system as it seemed to give me the surround sound I wanted without running cables across floors or through walls. The set up is very easy with the included microphone and installation by myself took less than an hour. The sound is clear and definitely gives the impression of coming from different points in the room.

This may not be as clear however if the room has openings or different surfaces mine does not.

The ButtKicker-Link transmitter installs and terminates to the pre-amp or receiver using a “Y” splitter at the LFE output. The BK Link receiver is then terminated to the ButtKicker amplifier. The transmitter and receiver both require power for their A/C adapters.

Paradigm X Larry, Thank you for jumping in and trying to help a fellow HT enthusiast save a few bucks I’m afraid the thread I pointed you all to did not very well mention the features that people like. This one does a better job. I have seen it mentioned very positively in a few threads by a few different people. I’m not a sheep but there is something to be said when several enthusiast like something. I decided if it did not work well enough then I would use it to help balance multiple subs in my room and avoid ‘nulls’ in my listening area.

It has other features mentioned in the above thread. I enjoyed viewing your website last night and seeing your setup. I looks very enjoyable and the theme is cool. Either I wore out out your patients or my questions were subjective and the answer is that I technically have it and I just have to try the different setups.

Buttkicker Power Amplifier

Unlike a subwoofer that moves air and loses accuracy and force ButtKicker products move actual mass producing a haptic immersion that’s powerful and accurate. Feel the low end without making the room loud. Turn down or turn off your subwoofer and still feel all the bass you want. Experience powerful bass even while using headphones or a gaming headset.

The ButtKicker Gamer easily attaches to standard center post chairs.

– Free UPS Ground Shipping on orders over $ (Continental U.S. only) – 30 Day No Questions Asked Returns -.

Thanks for all your responses to my post. Shaker Centre guys was very helpful specially Luke in sales and give me good discount plus free next day delivery! As promised I got it next day via parcelforce. It was very heavy box! I already mentioned I nearly killed my back! But managed took up on 2nd floor. Items in a box: All items were very well packed you can checked in pictures Amp was in separate brown box and LFE’s are in separate boxes.

I ordered another mounting kit for my 2nd and 3rd but only manage to use on one sofa details later in this post. Every items was very well build which I was not expecting because all made in China LFE’s are very heavy and solid build.

buttkicker gamer 2 unboxing setup and testing

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