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The watchtower is normally a freestanding building with a landing high off the ground. The landing is where sentinels keep an eye on their prisoners, watch for intruders or forest fires. Watchtowers are either round or square. Hidden steps or removable ladders are used to reach the landing. A model watchtower can be made from craft sticks. Make a square frame shape from four craft sticks. Place two craft sticks parallel to one another on a horizontal plain, making sure to match the edges. Put a drop of glue on each of the four corners. Turn two craft sticks so they are on the vertical plain. Glue a vertical craft stick to the left end of the horizontal pair.

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Education reformers frequently invoke the relatively poor performance of U. This is a corrected version of a report initially posted on January 15, They ignore the complexity of test results and may lead policymakers to pursue inappropriate and even harmful reforms.

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Detailed Itinerary Day 1: The Loggia della Signoria decorates the southern border of the square, filled with images of the Renaissance set beneath the large, open arches and date back to the 14th century. Medici lions look out to Palazzo Vecchio. Perseus holds the head of Medusa, cast in shimmering bronze. The Arno River floats past in the nearby canal. The lush Tuscan hills encompass the outer reaches of the city, emphasized with thin towering cypress trees.

Our Italy travel agent will arrange a private transfer to meet you at the airport. Your private transfer leads you into Florence helping you settle into the beauty and romance of the historic city. Piazzale Michelangelo watches over the historic city center on the Otra Arno, known as the other side of the Arno River. The terrace provides a spectacular view of the entire city, stretching from the banks of the river, past the dramatic dome of the Florence Cathedral, all the way to the hills beyond the ancient city walls.

The scent of fresh pasta fills the evening air. Every evening the monks at the Abbey of San Miniato al Monte, just behind the piazza, perform mass. Their Gregorian chants echo in the gilded church gallery. The scent of frankincense filters out the doors of the church and into the countryside.


Says Ed Secretary Duncan: The results must serve as a “wake-up call. The international testing encompasses students in both public and private schools. Reading dropped to from And science dropped to from That puts this country below average compared to other participating countries in math and about average in reading and science.

Pisa at your Leisure June 29, Reviewer: Alan Laskey The bus trip to Pisa was comfortable with interesting had a 10 minute walk from where the bus parked to the location. We had little over two hours to take in the Leaning Tower and Cathedral, this was ample/5(7).

Play is the name of one of the plays in the repertory. Role is the name of a character in Play. IdNumber is the employee ID number of the player playing Role. Slater The Dear Departed Mrs. Slater 12 The Dear Departed Mrs. However, casting decisions are now final, and the manager wants to replace each employee ID number with the player’s name. Of course, it is possible to re-create the data set, entering each player’s name instead of the employee ID number in the raw data. When the data sets are merged, SAS takes care of adding the players’ names to the data set.

Of course, before you can merge the data sets, you must sort them by IdNumber. The first BY group has a value of for IdNumber. The last BY group has a value of for IdNumber.

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Download the PDF version of this lesson plan. Introduction Fibonacci numbers are an interesting mathematical idea. Although not normally taught in the school curriculum, particularly in lower grades, the prevalence of their appearance in nature and the ease of understanding them makes them an excellent principle for elementary-age children to study.

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In fact, the top 5 East Asian countries in math scores have way fewer students reporting confidence in math and valuing math than the U. It gives me a headache to understand these numbers: Do they mean that even if the Korean students do not think math is important, they study it anyway? Or since these are 8th graders, do they mean that after learning math for 8 years, the students feel the math they have been learning is not important in life?

In the case of the United States, do they mean that American students value math but have poor math learning experiences that lead to low math achievement? Or could it be that their 8 years of math learning convinced them, at least a much larger proportion than in Korea, that math is important? The same questions can be asked about confidence. Do the numbers mean that Korean students lack of confidence makes them study harder so they achieve better in math than their American or Australian counterparts?

Or could they mean that the way math is taught in Korea made them lose confidence in math? The data show that as students progress toward higher grades, they become less confident in their math learning. More fourth graders than eighth graders have confidence in math, for example.

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Share shares The Great Pyramid is made from 2. An illustration of the 12th Dynasty Tomb of Djhuihotep shows men pulling a statue along on a sledge, leading some experts to suggest huge blocks needed for the pyramids were transported using the same technique. This theory has been built on, with some experts suggesting roads were coated in a layer of water to make them slippery. Other experts have suggested that workers rolled stones along.

Alternative, a cradle-like machine could have been used, while another expert suggested wooden curves could have been fitted to each block to make cylinders.

15 Best Things to Do in Pisa (Italy) Pisa is a legendary city and one of the most famous in this region of Italy. Tourists often stop at Pisa en-route to Florence but it is a fantastic city to stay in and offers a great deal more sites than just it’s legendary leaning tower.

Gazzetta The making of El Cholo: The pressure is on the President of Pisa, Romeo Anconetani. He had promised a big signing, but none had entered the door. The Pisa fans had seen the likes of Paul Elliott and Dunga join the club in recent years, no small feat considering the stature of the club. But time is ticking away. At the last minute Anconetani is handed a dossier full of young and promising players from Argentina.

A decision needs to be made. It became normal for him to wash his own kit, to respect his coach and senior players. But compared to a lot of his compatriots, Simeone had a relatively privileged upbringing. His father was a successful salesman while his mother was a hairdresser. It was his parents who urged him to move to Europe when he got the chance.

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Your day San Marino and Italy tour to Pompeii ruins, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Capri Island is an exploration of Italy showing you the ineffable charm of medieval towns and the mesmeric shimmer of ancient Roman ruins. You will find Renaissance statues decorating a public square and opulent palaces lining the central streets of the cities. Your time in Italy ensures that every moment takes you beyond great and into the unforgettable. Most tours are customized for private travel.

Rome — Depart for Home Detailed Description Italy embraces its aura of romance and history, exuding classic tales of beachside vacations and gondola rides across the Grand Canal.

Best of Pisa & Lucca Pisa is home to countless relics, some even dating back to the Roman Empire. But none are as famous as the indomitable Leaning Tower, one of the most iconic buildings in the world, attracting thousands of tourists each year.

A lot of people stress about being out in public and are afraid of what people will think of them. But once you get over that, the biggest issue is having your tools handy and being able to sketch in a variety of positions seated or standing with ease. Two years ago I started using a board to support my sketchbook, paint tin and water container, and it has been a total game changer.

I got this idea from Marc Taro Holmes after sketching alongside him for a few weeks in Brazil August Everyday while I struggled to balance my gear and particularly the large A4 moleskine I watched Marc sketch in style and ease. I knew I needed to set one up for myself but wanted mine to be a little smaller, so I did some experimentation. These photos show my first version which was the same size as my A4 moleskine. It was too small, so I added a hinged section and increased the width slightly — this has made a big difference.

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It looks at how best to prepare our young people for the world of work through education and vocational training. High quality education remains the best engine of social progress. It is also what consolidates our middle classes and makes them less vulnerable to the risk of falling back into poverty and job insecurity. Making that education experience as enriching as possible is exactly what PISA is about.

The best performing education systems show the way forward for others.

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